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THE TERRE DE LIN® brand partner LINETXEA® launching its collection in Singapore last March

At the beginning of March, on the NookAsia exhibition in Singapore our new TERRE DE LIN® brand partner  LINETXEA® introduced  its collection of linen home textile under the French MadeinFrance Pavillion .

Linen is part of the Basque Region heritage: in the old times,  at home –etxea in Basque language, linen bed sheets were part of the wedding trousseau for generations. At that time, linen was also the material used for the best quality clothes.

Today, LINETXEA® is reviving this tradition of high quality linen home textile from the Basque area, with a 100% linen collection: all the production steps are realized in France from the flax fiber to the final linen textile with passion for this noble material. Besides, all the finishings are realized with ecological innocuous and harmless dyeings.

LINETXEA® is the beautiful meeting of the Normandy and Basque terroirs: the flax fibers used in the LINETXEA® collection have been grown in Normandy  by TERRE DE LIN farmers.