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The TERRE DE LIN brand partnerships on spring summer 2017

The TERRE DE LIN® brand tells the story of flax fiber, starting from TERRE DE LIN breeding to the culture by TERRE DE LIN farmers and to the scutching to extract TERRE DE LIN fibers. Each partnership tells its own story around the fiber, around the women and the men, around the passion of flax and linen.

To become a TERRE DE LIN® brand partner, some conditions must be fulfilled, the main ones are the following:
– Getting the yarn from a spinner using fibers mainly from TERRE DE LIN or TEX NORD (minimum 75% of procurement from TERRE DE LIN or TEX NORD)
– Controlling the quality of the products supporting the TERRE DE LIN® brand.
– Having an environmental and social policy or subscribing to a commitment approach including environmental and social policy.
– Having a communication complying with TERRE DE LIN communication lines.


In the spring – summer season 2017, TERRE DE LIN launched partnerships with several brands:

MAT DE MISAINE® : authentic French brand, impregnated of the western coast way of life. MAT DE MISAINE® likes natural materials like linen. For the second year, MAT DE MISAINE® chose to illustrate linen in their collections by telling the story of the flax fibers from TERRE DE LIN. The communication on the selling points has been also implemented on the website and on the Facebook page.

LA RÉVOLUTION TEXTILE : ethical, responsible and committed brand, LA RÉVOLUTION TEXTILE makes linen knits 100% produced in Europe and chose linen because it is an environmental friendly material. The partnership with TERRE DE LIN contributes to illustrate the manufacturing path of the product, starting with flax culture and flax scutching in TERRE DE LIN . Through TERRE DE LIN®, LA RÉVOLUTION TEXTILE gives transparency and explains about the know- how and passion of the TERRE DE LIN farmers.


mat de misaine blog2 Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

MAT DE MISAINE ® has been partner of TERRE DE LIN® for the second year in 2017.

LA RÉVOLUTION TEXTILE , 100% transparent and ethical brand.

KENLAND LINEN® : KENLAND LINEN® is a Japanese brand promoting linen knits. EUROPEAN FLAX® certified, and passionned with flax, KENLAND produces knits in Japan in its plant. KENLAND LINEN® is firstly a family story and a story of passionned people. The Onuma family explains the fiber through didactic presentations on the point of sale, in large department stores like Takashimaya. A part of the KENLAND LINEN® collection has been made from TERRE DE LIN fibers. Together, both brands share the flax-linen passion and the men and women know-how inherited from father to son.

EMBRIN®: EMBRIN® was borne in Normandy, thanks to Camille and Alexis, both coming from flax farmer families. They wanted to communicate their passion about flax fiber and linen: they launched a EUROPEAN FLAX® certified home textile collection made of fibers grown by TERRE DE LIN farmers. The collection is available through an online sales website and a terroir bed and breakfast and hotel network, so that people can discover the benefits of linen when they stay there.

Kenland_shop EMBRIN-balles1

The EUROPEAN FLAX certifed Japanese brand KENLAND LINEN® telling the story of its products made of TERRE DE LIN fibers

EMBRIN, the EUROPEAN FLAX certified home textile collection launched by TERRE DE LIN farmers.

TERRE DE LIN® can also be used by spinners,  weavers  or traders committed to fulfill the TERRE DE LIN® brand criteria so as to promote the fiber origin, the quality and reliability from TERRE DE LIN .

Besides, TERRE DE LIN has committed to and signed the European flax good practices charter since 2012 and supports this collective approach launched by the CELC (Confederation Européenne du Lin et du Chanvre).

Through these different partnerships , the TERRE DE LIN brand shows the TERRE DE LIN fiber artisans and their know- how transmitted from generation to generation.

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