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The EUROPEAN FLAX certified EMBRIN brand offers made in France 100% flax table linen made of fibers from TERRE DE LIN.

Our partner EMBRIN recently launched made in France 100% flax table linen made of fibers from TERRE DE LIN.

Willing to share the experience of linen, EMBRIN thus enlarges its home textile collections to table linen.

The young brand is also targeting to develop a global decorative concept around linen.



table intre table extre balle

Grown in Normandy from flax farmers families for 4 generations, Camille and Alexis MENAGER experienced the pleasure of sleeping in washed linen sheets during a stay in a guest house some years ago.

Attracted by the beauty and the comfort of linen, they wanted to have others enjoy this pleasure they had themselves experienced, and share their passion for linen. So started the story of  EMBRIN in 2016, their own brand of flax bed linen. Embrin was firstly sold to guest houses.


Camille and Alexis have actively promoted their flax bed linen since the launch of Embrin, by developing partnerships with guest houses sharing their values and telling their story: a collection of flax washed bed linen, fully traced and created by a family that cultivates the flax fiber. Overtime, guest houses have witnessed a growing interest for this concept and for their products : European Flax certified (*) quality bed linen, made of fibers from TERRE DE LIN.

In parallel, their website promotes the collections to consumers, that can buy on line and discover their approach and find out their experience as well as their products traceability.

In June 2018, following a television braodcasting in « La Maison France 5 », Embrin launched its new collection of flax table linen.  Tablecloths, table runners, napkins, place mats…complete the product range of the young brand.

Table linen made in France.

Following the same concept as for bed linen , Embrin relies on partnerships with high end restaurant professionnals, offering their customers the experience of a beautiful high end table setting.  The authenticity of flax contributes to a  gastronomic experience  combing the pleasure of the papillae together with the comfort  of nice table set with flax table linen .


The young brand still has many projects, the objective being to develop a global decorative concept around linen, and at the same time stick to its quality and traceability values.

(*) European Flax guarantees the European premium fiber origin.