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The fibre know-how of TERRE DE LIN within the TERRE DE LIN Inside brand.

The TERRE DE LIN Inside brand underlines the TERRE DE LIN flax know-how from the seeds to the fibre.

In technical and composites markets  as well as in textile markets, the flax expertise on the fibre is a key to understand and deliver the right quality meeting  the customer product specifications.

Discover how the TERRE DE LIN fibre know-how contributes to customer satisfaction.

One of the first expectations of technical and textile customers is to get the most homogeneous fibre characteristics as possible. Homogeneous means that the major characteristics of the fibre have to remain stable all over the time from one production to another so as to grant the production continuity for our customers. It means firstly being able to check the major parameters of the fibre. In textile, spinning mills focus very much on a homogeneous color, resistance,  and fineness so as to ensure the quality control of  the yarn production. In technical markets, the main parameters focused on are the homogeneity of the fineness and strength.

Besides, blending fibres together is a key to ensure homogeneous characteristics on specific parameters. It also ensures the continuity and the quality stability of the yarn or of the technical product in the end.

In textile, the comparison with champagne is often made:  blending flax fibers together is like blending grapes varieties together. It requires a specific know-how.

The TERRE DE LIN fibre classification contributes to a careful selection of the fibres onwards. Moreover, the strength and fineness measurements in the TERRE DE LIN laboratory are an objective method to run an accurate selection of the fibres.


Besides, for technical markets, TERRE DE LIN has developed a specific expertise in the fibre selection, supported by a consistent measurement methodology of the fibres.






Strength analysis in the TERRE DE LIN fibre laboratory: an objective measurement that completes the organoleptic classification

All these elements of the TERRE DE LIN expertise contribute to a reliable selection of flax fibres for our textile and technical customer satisfaction, which  also contribute to the consumer satisfaction at the end of the supply chain.