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TERRE DE LIN, from the seeds to the composites reinforcement fabrics

TERRE DE LIN integrated  Biorenforts 3 years ago, today TDL Technique. The main objective of this acquisition is to find new market opportunities for the cooperative and to develop new products for the composites sector.

Having a long technical and customer relationship experience on the composite reinforcements market, TDL Technique  knows and controls the specificity of industrial markets such as transports or sports, while TERRE DE LIN secures the procurement in flax fibers and the stability of the fiber quality.

Security of supply and quality control

As the largest cooperative in Europe, TERRE DE LIN is present through its six production sites in Normandy: a large production area brings both a large variety of fiber types, but also helps to secure the production from one year to another. The fibers are stored on each production site and new warehouses have been added recently so as to strengthen the storage capacity.

TDL Technique exploits a dedicated stock of adapted fibers that will be hackled in the  Saint-Pierre-le -Viger hackling unit.



Photo Sebastien Rande / Studio Cui Cui

The fibers are stored on each production site

Complementary expertise, a vector to improve and control quality

Another major point is complementary know- hows: TDL technique has a full understanding of customer requirements and the quality of the reinforcements is very much linked to that of the slivers produced by hackling.

As for TERRE DE LIN, it has been scutching, hackling, and assembling  flax fibers for years for some of its spinning mill textile customers: TERRE DE LIN has a good understanding of the specification to produce the slivers for the composites market, and can adapt its knowledge of hackling and assembling for textile customers to the specificity of composites customer requirements.

Working together on technical issues for composites market is in return a lever to improve the hackling and assembling  process in TERRE DE LIN.


Terre de Lin magazine_semence 3 Terre de Lin magazine_semence 4

Controls at each step: scutching

Controls at each step: hackling

This control of upstream  activities by TERRE DE LIN secures the fiber procurement of  TDL Technique customers in terms of volume and in terms of quality. In parallel, TDL Technique is a challenging activity to improve the methods and the processes in TERRE DE LIN, which brings improvements in hackling, for the textile business.

In the end, both TERRE DE LIN and TDL TECHNIQUE benefit from this new activity.