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TEX NORD, listening to customers and selection know-how inherited from TERRE DE LIN

TERRE DE LIN has always been committed to the development of its customers, trying to bring them quality and service through customer proximity.

Within the 1990’s TERRE DE LIN wanted to develop a direct relationship with spinning mills so as to better understand their needs and to be closer to them. Therefore, TERRE DE LIN bought TEX NORD, a trading company, to develop the flax fiber business with spinning mills out of Europe.

In the 2000’s, many spinning mills are starting their activity in China.  TEX NORD develops the relationship  with Chinese spinners. At the same time, TERRE DE LIN also wants to remain a reliable supplier to its historical customers – ie European spinners.

TEX NORD team is built from TERRE DE LIN: one sales manager, one technical manager, a customer assistance team based in Saint-Pierre le Viger and sales agents in China and in India, following the same will: being close to customers..
The relationships with customers strengthen progressively. TEX NORD focuses on understanding customer needs and expectations, and on meeting their requirements thanks to TERRE DE LIN selection methods .

In  2006, TERRE DE LIN, Agylin and Le Neubourg cooperatives join together to build the COMLIN Union.
Together, they build the sole producers organization on the textile flax market. Traceability and raw material  classification facilitate the fiber selection by TEX NORD in the COMLIN production.

TEX NORD has now become the main sales stream of COMLIN, thanks to the long term relationships with customers, to the selection know-how inherited from TERRE DE LIN, and to the strong COMLIN organization.

TEX NORD is now recognized as a reliable partner of the upstream flax-linen supply chain .

For further information on COMLIN, please go to the website.