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EUROPEAN FLAX®: promoting the premium quality of European flax fibre and giving transparency from the fibre to the consumer

European flax® is the label of premium quality European flax for all uses. It is owned by the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp [CELC], the federating Authority for Flax/Linen internationally. It is both a traceability label certifying the exclusive origin of flax fibre from Western Europe (France, Belgium, the Netherlands) and also a guarantee to respond to consumer and CSR demands.

It relies on third-party verification all along the flax linen supply chain which makes European flax®  a reliable certification reinforcing any individual initiative to promote transparency to the final consumer.

European Flax label and certification meet consumers and CSR  demands:

  • Material origin and traceability

European flax fiber is produced in Western Europe: France, Belgium, the Netherlands, an added value for 61% of European consumers who declare themselves ready to pay more for linen of certified European origin (Source: The European Barometrer for Flax/Linen, BVA and BiobyDeloitte, 2015) .

  • Environmentally friendly production

Flax is a 100% natural fibre. Thanks to favorable climate and soil conditions, European flax fibre culture has low impacts on the environment:  no irrigation, no GMO, no waste.
The fibre extraction (scutching) is 100% mechanical.
Flax fibre production is besides committed to continuous improvement on culture and fibre extraction practices.

  • Social responsibility and ethics

Flax production complies with the rules of the International Labor Organization

  • Comfort qualities with proven performances.

Comfort, Thermo-regulation, Moisture Management, Anallergy and Dye affinity.


The European Flax® label carries these benefits and communicates them to brands and final consumer, with collective promotion campaigns and individual initiatives, and with strong guarantees.

The traceability is checked through yearly external audits conducted by Bureau Veritas, the world leader for certification. The audits are easily implemented at each step of the value chain, until finished product manufacturing. Only third-party audits guarantee reliable traceability, contrary to self-declarations, especially for flax/linen textile industries where blending is key for quality and consistency

European Flax® is built and endorsed by the whole European fibre industry, on a common Good Manufacturing Practices Charter signed by each European fibre producer.
As a flax producers, TERRE DE LIN has signed the European Flax Good Manufacturing Practices Charter.
As for TEX NORD, it has been European Flax certified since 2013.  TEX NORD is submitted to yearly audits, like any trading company.
Both TERRE DE LIN and TEX NORD are registered on the European flax data base listing all the European Flax certified companies with their specific registration number.
So does the COMLIN Union in which TERRE DE LIN is involved.

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European Flax® is registered by the EUROPEAN CONFEDERATION OF FLAX AND HEMP [CELC], the federating authority gathering and representing all the stages of production and transformation for flax/linen & hemp.

European Flax® is supported by the BAST FIBRE AUTHORITY, the body responsible for reliable composition testing for bast fibres, contributing to anti-counterfeiting protection



To translate these assests into consumer benefits, European Flax labelled companies have access to specific MARKETING TOOLS:

-European Flax® logos for labelling semi-products and finished products composed of 100% or ≥ 50% of flax/linen and whose flax/linen content is 100% certified
-B2B and B2C sales support, marketing and sales tools, image and video bank, and training tools
-CELC promotion program and dedicated assistance


EUROPEAN FLAX brings numerous benefits to each player in the value chain:

For retailers, European Flax is both a reliable and 3rd party verified guarantee ; and a support from CELC, the flax/linen Authority, to communicate trustworthy information towards the final consumer :
-Through the logos and label templates for finished products
-Through the B2C marketing and sales tools, copy/texts, image bank, videos and training given by the CELC

For spinning mills, weaving mills, knitters, finished product manufacturers or trading companies, European Flax® certification is:
-A distinction for companies, enhancing towards their clients their committment to traceability and good practices,
-A label for their products made from certified material, which they can claim on products, packagings and invoices: the guarantee for their clients that they will be eligible to receive certification as well,
-A confidential audit, where only the European fibre origin is published, and not the names of suppliers
-A time-efficient process, required only once per year instead of answering daily to clients demands of disclosing suppliers
-A method and steps clearly explained in the European Flax standard and certification process, available on
-B2B sales support, marketing and sales tools, copy/texts, image bank, videos and training tools given by the CELC


Interested ?

Please contact Marie Demaegdt at CELC   



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