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Interview of Mr Jean-Paul TROUVE, TERRE DE LIN breeding manager

Breeding, key point of flax fibers improvement.


    Could you explain us how breeding brought improvement on flax fibers production ?

  • Jean-Paul TROUVE

    We are using natural genealogical breeding by pollinating manually two different flax varieties to combine theirs characteristics. To help us, we got a huge collection of flax varieties, linseed varieties and wild flax.
    If we look backward on the last 20 years, we made important improvements :
    • Natural resistance to 3 diseases : scorch, wilt, oïdium
    • Significant advancement on lodging resistance
    • Varieties with better fibers quality
    • Yield increase of an average of 35Kg/year
    • Better knowledge of flax genetic


    What will be the next steps ?

  • Jean-Paul TROUVE

    We will go on working about natural resistance of flax. Flax is environment-friendly, but we want to go further :
    • Verticillum and Septoria, those 2 diseases still can be problematic some years for flax fibers production and quality. We are working to obtain natural resistant varieties.
    • Lodging resistance, early varieties, seed yield and quality of fibers are also a key point to improve flax fibers production and quality

Quote Terre de Lin

Our aim is to get a self growing flax with high potential of quality and fibers yield

TERRE DE LIN  flax research data :

  • Research team of 9 persons
  • 20 ha. of trials
  • International recognition of our expertise
  • Breeder of the leading flax varieties in Europe